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15-Dec-2017 15:58

It's as if there is this stone wall around him and you have to be invited in sometimes you are, sometimes you aren't but I always have to be the initiator and I am already sick of it.

im a Taurus girl, n my boyfriend is a Capricorn, im exactly 7 months older then him we were both born on the 8th of our months.

If a Taurus woman tells you something other than "it's over" it means that she wants you to fight for her! We laugh all the time & we seem to balance each other very well. I'm a 27 year old Capricorn man who was with a Taurus woman for about five years. We have since split for about 3 years and well, looking back it was a gift and a curse (the split that is).

We were actually a real good match and had a lot in common and either way we looked at it....mad, sad, happy, or even glad.....still made up but I had my faults as she did, only she wasn't patient enough to see past those.

I started talking to this Taurus girl she is a year younger then me. they shy away from emotions and it drives me crazy! but I wouldn't have betrayed him if that wall wasn't there in the first place.

And I have never connected with someone so much almost all the time, like we are both on the same wavelength. Im a Taurus women who is finally dating a sign that's compatible. I betrayed my man's trust, and im warning you taurean ladies DO NOT DO IT. Taurus needs all their pleasures, of every sense-they wanna hear, see, feel from your touch your love.

She seems hardheaded, when it comes down to opening herself up to me. I'm still on trust issues with her and I know I shouldn't be, but I always have my guard up. and cap is too aloof and cold to fill those senses.

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Honesty, understanding, patience, sincerity, and kindness, with a good joke here and there makes for a lasting relationship between a Taurus woman and a Capricorn man, at least that's what we live by. we like to have everything present and are very in love with love, whereas caps are in a strongly built wall and wont express their love.

we've been together for almost a year now, we never argue...

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